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What Are the Advantages of Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing helps teams maintain human connections, regardless of their physical location, which speeds up decision-making and improves your ability to collaborate. You can simplify your workforce management and establish a direct line of communication with your employees, which is crucial when people are working remotely. Read More

Cloud Migration Mistakes Your Business Needs to Avoid

Our team can play a major role in your business’s digital transformation. Your business can enjoy greater bandwidth flexibility, lower latency, greater security, and increased profitability. Read More

BT Workers to Strike over Pay: How Will It Impact Businesses and The Public Sector?

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced that customers can expect disruption to services including repairs, installations or getting faults fixed. Read More

How to Save Money on Your Broadband Bill

With soaring bills for energy, fuel and food, many household budgets are being squeezed. At this point, it’s becoming even more important to find ways to reduce your monthly outgoings and pay less on your broadband bill. Read More

Debunking the Myths of VoIP Business Phone Systems

Although VoIP is now a well-established means of setting up your business telecommunications, there’s still some skepticism around it. Read More

How to Choose Your Internet Service Provider

Choosing your Internet Service Provider for your home or business can be daunting whether your current broadband contract is about to end, you’re seeking one for the first time, you’re moving home, or you just simply want an upgrade to your internet connection. Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Our IT Consultancy Service

We are committed to delivering bespoke solutions for every client based on their unique operational needs and creating a reliable network. Read More

Why You Should Choose Our Mobile Broadband Service with Cloud Telephony

The use of the internet has become an absolute necessity for businesses across the UK and the ability to access high speed and reliable internet outside the traditional office environment is vital for all business owners. Read More

Forget About Connectivity Limitations and Let Us Do the Work

There’s no doubt that seamless connectivity is a crucial part of any business and fast, reliable service contributes to business success. Read More

What Your Dedicated Account Manager Can Do for You

Communication technology is now at the core of our lives. Today, we rely on smartphones, broadband, and wireless data to communicate with the world, work remotely and stay in touch with our loved ones. Read More

Reasons to move away from the ‘Big Four’ broadband providers

For many UK customers, their home broadband has long been tied to one or two large providers. After all, modern households depend on a broadband connection – and so the perceived hassle of switching providers is off-putting. Read More

The New Connectivity Challenges of Hybrid Working

Initially considered a short-term response to the first national lockdown, remote working changed the way we work and became the new normal. Many organisations recognise the benefits of remote working, such as reduced costs and increased productivity. Read More

How Connectivity Can Improve Business Productivity

Businesses need to see connectivity as a fundamental part of how they operate, from reaching new customers to streamlining their operations. Read More

Benefits of Fibre Broadband for Residential Users

With so many aspects of our daily life carried out online, superfast broadband has become increasingly essential for residential users. Not only faster than standard broadband but more reliable too, fibre broadband has rapidly become the first choice when looking for a new broadband connection. Read More

Telecoms solutions for remote-working businesses

It’s been two years since the UK Government enforced the first lockdown. The move caused great uncertainty as many businesses had to close — or carry on remotely. Working from home felt like a new concept then, as just 12.4% of UK employees were remote workers in 2019. Unsurprisingly, this figure more than doubled in 2020. Read More

Questions about home broadband installation answered

The average household can barely function without Wi-Fi — so installing reliable broadband is a modern-day must! Read More

4 situations where Mobile Broadband is a perfect solution

Nearly all modern businesses depend on the Internet to some extent. Whether it’s responding to emails or getting dozens of work laptops online, reliable broadband is essential. Read More

3 common types of telecoms fraud and how to avoid them

Unfortunately, telecoms scams are nothing new, with fraudsters’ techniques always evolving alongside technology. However, the scale of telecoms fraud today is especially alarming. For instance, Ofcom reported that 45 million people were targeted by scams in the summer of 2021. Read More

Cloud telephony: reliability and security in a user-friendly package

With many businesses operating on a remote or hybrid basis, traditional phone systems are poorly equipped to connect teams and customers. Read More

Why broadband speed in rural areas is poor and how to improve it

In the UK, people in rural areas are far more likely to experience slow broadband than those in towns and cities. Read More

Cloud nine: the advantages of a direct cloud connection

A direct connection to the cloud eliminates this lag immediately. It will prevent your cloud traffic from encumbering your broadband and network traffic, so your email, VoIP, video conferencing, and instant messaging services operate at full speed 24/7. Read More

3 benefits of Cloud connectivity for business

Over the past few years, many businesses have gradually moved their operations into the Cloud. However, since the pandemic and remote-working began, Cloud-based services have been adopted at a faster pace than ever before. Read More

The 4 most common Wi-Fi problems of 2021 and how to solve them

Thankfully, some of these broadband hiccups have easy fixes. In this blog, we outline four of today’s most common Wi-Fi problems and how to overcome them. Read More

SaaS, PaaS or IaaS: what’s best for your business?

Choosing between them can be overwhelming — but thankfully, we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we explain these three options to help you make an informed decision about which of them would suit your business. Read More

4 common myths about UK broadband busted

These everyday myths about UK broadband can cloud customers’ judgment when finding packages that suit them. In this blog, we disprove some common misconceptions about UK broadband. Read More

Remote working and sustainability: a match made in heaven?

This blog highlights how remote working and technology can be incorporated into your operations and working practices to make your business more sustainable — regardless of your location. Read More

Reasons to switch broadband provider

At Everyday Communications, we know that changing your broadband supplier can be a big decision, and it can be easy to come up with reasons just to stay put, rather than reasons to switch broadband provider. However, we’re here to reassure you that switching is a lot easier than you may think, and there’s no need to stay loyal unnecessarily! Read More

Will video conferencing become the new normal?

A huge bonus is that video conferencing improves productivity. Employees can use the time they’d normally spend commuting or travelling to business meetings to complete other tasks. Read More

Is your home office broadband fast enough?

Whilst you don’t need superfast speeds to use basic cloud-based communications, your needs will change if you’re using multiple applications. Read More

Business versus home broadband: what you get for your money

For every business today, fast and reliable broadband is vital for smooth communications with staff and clients, and ensuring high levels of productivity. Read More

Is your home broadband support good enough?

According to Ofcom, an enormous 15–20% of UK consumers are dissatisfied with their provider. Indeed, 1 in 10 people have officially complained about their service. And nearly half of these were dissatisfied with how their complaint was handled thereafter. Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why VoIP Is The Business

Saving money is one of the main reasons why business VoIP is so popular. Not only will you benefit from significantly cheaper calls; there’s also little hardware to buy and no on-going maintenance costs. Read More

Broadband basics: A user’s guide

We offer a range of residential and business broadband packages including super-fast broadband and fibre. Read More

The role of big data in telecom

Big data refers to the large volume of data — both structured and unstructured — that businesses accumulate from a variety of sources (such as smart devices, business transactions, and social media) on a daily basis. Businesses can analyse this information to gain insights that enable them to make better, more strategic decisions. Read More

How fast is fast enough? How to choose the right home broadband package

Price is important too but don’t underestimate the importance of both reliability and customer service — especially as a first class provider will ensure that you’re not wasting money on a supersonic service you don’t need. Read More

Always read the small print: 5 common complaints about broadband contracts

It’s also worth checking your broadband contract to see whether your ISP can change any part of that contract, including the price, at any time. Ofcom has ruled that you can cancel your contract with no penalty if you suffer a mid-contract price hike. Read More

Does Size Matter? Choosing a Business Internet Service Provider

Our approach at Everyday Communications is to add value by offering a first class service. We can also save you money by offering both VoIP and your broadband in one convenient package. Read More

The role of broadband post-COVID 19

Cloud storage and resources can dramatically extend the capabilities of an organisation’s network, as data and applications can be stored and hosted remotely. Read More

Business benefits of Cloud telephony

Cloud telephony solutions are highly scalable and you can customise your system if you need to make changes. Read More

How transitioning to a paperless office can boost your sustainability credentials

The superb cloud-computing tools available make saying goodbye to unnecessary printing, and saying hello to a cleaner and more efficient digital future, incredibly simple. Read More

Why 5G won’t replace fixed-line business broadband

Our advice would therefore always be to secure the best fixed-line broadband available in your area. Read More

Why your business needs Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband

Our Everyday Hyperfast full fibre broadband package offers your business a host of advantages to keep you productive and on-task. Read More

You’ve got mail! But is business email on its way out?

Consequently, with more recent forms of communication like instant messaging on the rise, experts are beginning to speculate whether the golden age of email is behind us. Read More

How web-based collaboration platforms can help your business

Businesses big and small are eagerly embracing these cloud-based collaboration packages because they streamline processes and make life simpler for employees. Read More

5 Ways AI Is Changing The Business World

As businesses employ evermore sophisticated AIs in the quest for competitive advantages, the demand for super-fast broadband capable of running several cloud-based apps simultaneously will only increase. This is where we can help by ensuring you have the business connectivity you need both now and in the future. Read More

Why there’s always room for fixed phones over mobiles

In a world where BT is no longer supplying ISDN to businesses, the future of VoIP looks assured especially with full fibre broadband delivering ever faster and more sophisticated cloud-based applications. Read More

Top Five Tips To Stay Secure Online

Malware. Phishing. Viruses. Data theft. These are just some of the common Internet security threats facing businesses today. Read More

Is remote working here to stay?

There’s no doubt that businesses have started working in incredibly innovative ways this year. They have embraced seamless, integrated, and virtual environments to create thoroughly flexible teams capable of collaborating anywhere. Read More

The top 5 digital tools for remote working

Digital tools for remote working have seen much growth in 2020 and we expect this trajectory to continue into the new year. Read More

Telecoms in 2020: a round-up

We’re extremely excited to be adding Everyday Hyper Fast Fibre broadband to our services for 2021. For businesses, this service is the ideal complement to our existing comprehensive range of technological solutions to improve communication and support remote working. Read More

Why a full fibre broadband diet is great for business

Everyday Hyper Fast Broadband removes limitations and provides the full fibre broadband experience with a seamless connection free from buffering. Read More

Digital workforces are the future. So why resist?

A digital workplace is where all channels of communication and business applications come together in one convenient location. Forward-thinking organisations, for example, use unified communications to combine emails, phones, instant messaging, file sharing, and virtual meeting applications via a single interface. Read More

5 business benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications allows businesses to combine and streamline their communication tools by bringing them under one platform. By using one unified system rather than several independent ones, communication capacity is increased and made more efficient. Read More

How cloud-based unified communications can transform your business

Cloud-based solutions are secure, convenient, plus they offer everything your business needs for one cost-effective monthly subscription. They also offer your team unprecedented flexibility with no expensive hardware required. Read More

Why telecoms customer care needs to improve

Telecommunications is a competitive marketplace. Technological innovation is ongoing and customer expectations are high. Telecoms providers need to strive to improve the services available to their users and proactively respond to the demands of customers. Read More

Why ‘Office In A Box’ Solutions Tick All The Boxes

Business grade broadband also comes with prioritised customer service, better tech support, and increased security measures. Read More

Trust us to improve your business efficiency

Our business philosophy is built on trust and mutual respect. When we work with you, we will get to know your business, what your objectives are, and how you like to operate in your marketplace. That way, we can help you scale at the right pace, and with the right IT and communications solutions. Read More

Cloud Telephony and remote working

Cloud Telephony eliminates the need for physical hardware and instead uses a private telephone network to communicate via the Internet. Read More

How to master video conferencing: 5 do’s and don’ts

If you want top-quality video conferencing services for your business, we offer immersive boardroom video conferencing technology that makes participants feel like they’re in the same room. Read More

The end of the office? How residential broadband has revolutionised the workplace.

The office as we know it changed dramatically in March 2020 when people around the world were asked to stay at home and work remotely. Read More

Cloud Telephony: All the benefits of a Unified Communications system without the setup costs

Businesses that have adopted Unified Communications enjoy faster decision making, more efficient workflows and better cost-control among many other benefits. Read More

What is Voice Over IP VoIP and how does it work?

VoIP is a technology that enables traditional telephony services to function over computer networks. Read More

How Much Broadband Speed Does Your Business Really Need?

The Internet service provider you are considering partnering with should be more than happy to discuss your requirements and make a suggestion as to how much broadband speed your business needs. Read More

The analogue switch-off: How might this impact your business?

You’re more than likely to have heard that BT is switching its analogue phone lines off in 2025. But what does this actually mean for your business? Read More

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